About WAAA- AZ

ABOUT - We Are All America- Arizona Coalition

The We Are All America- Arizona Coalition is a multi-sector statewide table, which leads refugee and asylee advocacy efforts in Arizona. The coalition spearheads local and state pro-refugee and aslyum policy initiatives and works towards empowering refugees/asylees to be civically engaged and become leaders in their communities. In alignment with national efforts, the coalition mobilizes and organizes community advocates and promotes collaborative efforts among partnering organizations.



ADVOCACY: The statewide Arizona Advocacy table for Refugees & Asylees meets on a monthly basis and helps support refugee/asylee campaign efforts, promotes positive change in shifting public perception towards refugees and asylees, and drives local and statewide policy change.


ORGANIZE & MOBILIZE: We organize and mobilize Arizona communities in order to respond to local, state, and national actions. This includes faith groups, community activists, organizations, coalitions, and others in taking action at the grassroots to stand for welcome.


SUPPORT: We are strengthening our work by growing support and building our base for Arizona’s refugees and asylum seekers.


LEADERSHIP: We are continually activating new refugee and migrant leaders by uplifting their voices and through leadership development training. This is accomplished through the deployment of the Phoenix Immigrant Leadership and Organizing Training (PILOT).


COLLABORATION: We support partnerships, collaborative efforts, and information sharing about news, events, and resources in the community. When organizations and refugee community leaders are well-informed and connected, they can better help refugee families become more stable and prosperous.

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