Action Toolkit

Where Are the Refugees?

Our country's entire system of refugee resettlement is being dismantled by the Trump Administration—and Congress is doing nothing. We demand our Senators and Representatives hold the Administration accountable.  


  1. Sign-On to Our National Letter to Congress
  2. Host an Interfaith #WhereRtheRefugees Public Witness Event
  3. Plan a Visit with Your Members of Congress In-District
  4. Write Opinion Editorials & Letters to the Editor for Local Media Outlets
  5. Share on Social Media

Background: We live in a time with an unprecedented 65 million people displaced around the world, including 22.5 million refugees—the highest number in recorded history. With global need at its highest, the Trump administration has reversed our nation's traditional role as a world leader in refugee protection and resettlement, setting an all-time low refugee admissions goal at 45,000.

By March 31st, the halfway point for Fiscal Year (FY) 2018, the administration will have resettled less than 10,000 refugees, representing an 80% reduction in the program. This amounts to a broken promise to tens of thousands of refugees who face the most rigorous security vetting and medical screening process of any traveler to the United States. Resettlement is reserved only for refugees who cannot return to their home countries or rebuild their lives in the country where they first fled. While families remain separated and refugees wait—at times in very unsafe conditions—the administration has imposed a series of bans to dismantle the refugee resettlement program. 

Hold the administration accountable to resettling the promised 45,000 refugees this fiscal year, urge them to return to our historic average of at least 75,000. Demand we uphold our shared and historic values of welcoming those seeking freedom, safety and refuge.

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