Andres Biography

Andrés is the Asylum Digital Organizer for We Are All America. Read his full biography.

Prior to We Are All America, Andres has worked as both a digital organizer and field organizer for over 4 years on topics of increasing voting access in Arizona, building trans leadership for youth nationwide and expanding the ties between trans activists in the United States and Mexico. In addition, his experience with being raised in a mixed-status household to politically involved migrant parents has shaped his knowledge of immigration issues in Arizona.

Andres received his Bachelors in Sociology and Gender Studies at the University of Arizona. In his current role, Andres challenges anti-asylum narratives by finding opportunities to uplift the experiences of directly affected asylees who advocate for a more inclusive immigration system. He also assists We Are All America in rapid response work surrounding unaccompanied minors, and extends his support to WAAA partners.