June 20, 2019 at 6:00pm - 8pm

World Refugee Day

Oftentimes when we think of refugees we think of individuals that come from overseas. This year we are going to focus on refugees from South America. 

Here are some thoughts from one of our organizers: 
Several members of delegations to the Texas/Mexico border will share reflections of their Abriendo Fronteros immersion in El Paso and Juarez. The people of our area understand the concept of "refugee" as individuals who flee their country, spend time in exile, are processed for 3rd country resettlement, and may find themselves being settled in ND or MN. The migrants at are border are individuals that flee their country and are seeking protection. What other countries do is set up humanitarian relief in the form of refugee camps, and processes that determine whether they have a right to seek protections in a country they have fled to. This is the process that is being denied at our southern border that is leading to the humanitarian crisis we are witnessing every day. I want to raise awareness of this and end by calling our community to action, whether its raising money to send to the shelters and churches at the border to help with their relief efforts, going to the border themselves to witness firsthand what is the reality, or pounding on the doors of our representatives to stop this evil practice of denying the right to claim asylum.
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