Field Action

Amplifying the Message in Key States

Over the last several years, Refugee Council USA and We Are All America have held field actions under the theme "Where Are the Refugees," to mark the half-way point in the federal fiscal year recognizing how the administration is not on pace to meet the record-low. Holding a national week of action to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Refugee Act with field actions would be a powerful way to amplify the message and lift up the voice of local refugees and asylees in strategic regions.

Grassroots organizations are planning events such as press conferences, community gatherings, educational forums near the date of March 17th to celebrate refugees and lift up stories of resilience and contributions that refugees bring to U.S. communities. It will also be an opportunity to show the moral outrage over this administration’s dismantling of the refugee resettlement program and our system of asylum. Together, former refugees and asylees, faith leaders, business leaders, and government officials will take a stand to protect and restore the refugee program. 

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Field Actions

Holding public actions, events and press conferences can help capture local media attention to show policymakers and convey the importance of the Refugee Act and the need to stop the administration’s attacks on refugee resettlement. Grassroots leaders know what will be best for their community but suggestions include but are not limited to the following:

  • Press Conference or other public event such as a vigil or action with refugee and asylum speakers telling their stories, business leaders, faith leaders, local elected officials
  • Public Actions - Potential options could be lifejackets (which were used in last year’s civil disobedience in Washington, DC), chains, and/or copies of the Refugee Act with red pen marking the many changes the administration has made. 
  • Powerful artwork made from copies of the Refugee Act, depicting homes, families, broken hearts, to symbolize the dreams that have been built on the opportunity that the Refugee Act provided but are now being crushed by this administration - and the ways that refugees have had to rewrite their hopes and dreams as a result of the administration tossing the Refugee Act of 1980 into the trash.