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This Mother’s Day, Refugees and Immigrants Call for Action to Support Families and Stop Family Separation
May 10th, 2022. WASHINGTON -As we celebrate Mother’s Day this month, Refugee Congress and We Are All America call attention to the need for action to support mothers who must flee violence and persecution, and we celebrate the love and strength of those mothers. READ FULL STATEMENT HERE. 

U.S. Refugee Leaders, Organizations Mourn Police Killing of Former Refugee and Michigan Community Member Patrick Lyoya
April 20th, 2022. Washington -The brutal April 4 murder of former refugee and community member Patrick Lyoya at the hands of a Grand Rapids, MI, police officer has shaken our community. READ FULL STATEMENT HERE. 

We Are All America & Refugee Congress Call to Rebuild USRAP to Welcome Ukrainians
April 14th, 2022.WASHINGTON–After recent reports that the Biden administration will institute a humanitarian parole program for vulnerable Ukrainians who are seeking refuge, former refugees and refugee advocates urge the administration to invest in permanent resettlement infrastructure and address deep inequities in accessing protection systems. READ FULL STATEMENT HERE. 

We Are All America Invests in Refugee Leadership Across the Country
April 11th, 2022. CHICAGO, IL - We Are All America is pleased to announce the finalists of the Ethnic-Community Based Grant: the Louisiana Organization for Refugees and Immigrants (LORI), Russian-speaking Community Council (RCC), and the African Community Institute. READ FULL STATEMENT HERE. 

New Funding Will Support African Community Institute’s Efforts in Increasing Refugee Participation in Advocacy

April 11th, 2022. Des Moines, IA- The African Community Institute is pleased to announce its selection to receive financial and technical support from We Are All America. READ FULL STATEMENT HERE. 

New Funding Will Support Russian-speaking Community Council’s Collaborative Efforts between Ukrainian Refugees and Russian Asylum Seekers working on Immigration Relief and Social Services Advocacy
April 11th, 2022. New York, NY - The Russian-speaking Community Council (RCC) is pleased to announce its selection to receive financial and technical support from We Are All America - Opportunity for All Table. READ FULL STATEMENT HERE.

New Funding Will Support Louisiana Organization for Immigrants and Refugees’ Work in Promoting Language Accessibility
April 11th, 2022. BATON ROUGE, LA: The Louisiana Organization for Immigrants and Refugees’ (LORI) is pleased to announce its selection to receive financial and technical support from We Are All America - Opportunity for All Table. READ FULL STATEMENT HERE. 

Advocates in Border States Ready to Welcome Refugees & Asylum Seekers
April 1sts, 2022. Washington, D.C. -Today, the Biden Administration announced that effective May 23, 2022, it would stop using Title 42 to expel asylum seekers and other migrants seeking humanitarian protections at the border. READ FULL STATEMENT HERE. 

Refugee Leaders and Advocates Host Refugee Education Day for Arizona State Legislators 
March 30th, 2022. Phoenix, AZ -We Are All America - Arizona Coalition, a local group of former refugees and advocates, invites Arizona state legislators, along with interested community members, to join us for Refugee Education Day at the Arizona State Capitol on Mar. 31. With the current humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, it is crucial for Arizona state legislators to listen to former refugees about what it is like to seek refuge in Arizona and how collaboratively Arizonans can work together to continue welcoming refugees. READ FULL STATEMENT HERE.

I See Myself in Ukrainian Refugees. Why Doesn't the Media? | Opinion
March 21st, 2022. As I sit and watch the heartbreaking scenes in Ukraine, I am hit with a flashback: my husband and I quickly packing to escape the terror in Iraq. In 2008, my husband was threatened to be killed for working for an American company. READ OP-ED HERE. 

IRAP and We Are All America Celebrate Restart of Direct Access Program for U.S. -Affiliated Iraqis
March 1st, 2022. New York, NY. - Last night, the U.S. Department of State (DOS) announced it will restart the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program (USRAP) Direct Access Program (DAP) for U.S.-Affiliated Iraqis (Iraqi P-2 Program). Created by Congress in 2008, the program is intended to provide a safe and legal pathway for Iraqis whose lives are at risk due to their affiliation with the U.S. government. However, the program has been burdened with extremely lengthy backlogs and delays since its inception and was officially suspended in January 2021, leaving more than 100,000 Iraqi allies in limbo. READ FULL PRESS STATEMENT HERE

Broad Coalition of Faith Leaders, Business Owners, Refugees, and Educators Denounce SB 1808/HB 1535
February 17th, 2022. FLORIDA -Florida’s governor and Republican legislators continue to prioritize their political aspirations over the well-being of all Floridians. Rather than focusing on the housing crisis and finally getting to the other side of an unprecedented pandemic, Republican state legislators are attacking children seeking refuge, and the faith leaders poised to protect them. READ FULL PRESS STATEMENT

Advocates Invite Rep. John Kavanagh to Learn about Refugee Resettlement
January 28th, 2022. SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -  ​​As anti-refugee rhetoric continues in Scottsdale, advocates from We Are All America, Mormon Women for Ethical Government, and Veterans for American Ideals invite Rep. John Kavanagh (R-AZ)  and other elected officials to meet with refugee leaders and learn more about the refugee resettlement process and refugee communities in Arizona.READ FULL PRESS STATEMENT 

One Year into Biden Administration, 100 Refugee and Asylee Leaders Deliver Letter to Biden Urging an End to ‘Remain in Mexico’ and Title 42
January 20th, 2022. One year after President Biden’s inauguration, 100 former refugees and asylees delivered a letter urging the Biden administration to discontinue the Trump-era ‘Remain in Mexico’ and Title 42 policies. READ FULL PRESS STATEMENT 

We Are All America Launches Pilot Program to Help Afghan Refugees Resettle in the U.S.
December 1st, 2021. WASHINGTON - Today, We Are All America, a national refugee organizing coalition, is pleased to announce the launch of the Afghan Community Housing and Welcoming Navigator pilot program. The program will operate in Florida, California and Arizona to empower Afghan community leaders to act as Community Navigators to support incoming Afghan refugees in accessing housing and crucial resources to ensure smooth transitions for those... READ FULL PRESS STATEMENT

Haitian & Afghan Solidarity: “We Stand Together"
September 28, 2021. WASHINGTON - Yesterday a conversation between Haitian and Afghan community leaders was hosted by We Are All America, the National Partnership for New Americans and Welcome With Dignity campaign and brought to light solidarity efforts and the situations facing both communities. Conversations will continue at the National Immigrant Integration Conference (NIIC) in Las Vegas on October 3-6, which features Special Sessions on the dual crises in Haiti and Afghanistan. More details about these special sessions are available...READ FULL PRESS STATEMENT

Opportunity For All Campaign And Refugee Leaders Urge Biden Administration To Raise Refugee Cap To 200,000
September 21, 2021. Yesterday, the Biden administration reported to Congress the new Presidential Determination (PD), recommending that the United States resettle a minimum of 125,000 refugees for Fiscal Year (FY) 2022. The nationwide Opportunity for All (OFA) campaignand refugee leaders across the country commend the Biden administration for taking a first step to restore our nation's role as a place of refuge, but have been urging the Biden administration to set the refugee resettlement Presidential Determination to 200,000 given the situation in Afghanistan... READ FULL PRESS STATEMENT

We Are All America & NPNA Join Welcome.US to Mobilize Support for Afghan Refugees in the United States 
September 14, 2021. We Are All America and the National Partnership for New Americans (NPNA) are proud to announce that we are joining Welcome.US, a new partnership between local and national resettlement agencies, Afghan-American organizations and leaders, refugees, community sponsorship groups, nonprofits... READ FULL PRESS STATEMENT 

Creating Communities To Help Afghan Evacuees Thrive In America
September 8, 2021. To support Afghan evacuees being resettled in the U.S., We Are All America and partners* have launched a guide providing tips to help local governments create an equitable and welcoming environment in their communities... READ FULLL PRESS STATEMENT

U.S. Must Not Turn Its Back on Afghans, The Work is Just Beginning
September 2, 2021. As U.S. forces have withdrawn from Afghanistan, We Are All America urges the Biden administration to continue the evacuations of Afghans in danger - including Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) holders, applicants, and humanitarian parolees - for as long as it takes to get people to safety in the United States as well as commit to resettling 200,000 refugees... READ FULL PRESS STATEMENT