Talking Points on the Ron Mortensen Nomination


  • Rescuing and resettling refugees is a defining feature of the American creed. Throughout our history, welcoming those fleeing persecution and violence has strengthened communities and advanced our commitment to freedom.
  • The nomination of Ronald Mortensen to head PRM, the State Department agency that helps resettle refugees in America and protect refugees worldwide, threatens this tradition of welcome and our dedication to freedom. He is an anti-immigrant ideologue who insults Senators of both parties, insults religion, and is ill-suited for the position.
  • Mortensen doesn’t have the experience or the temperament to hold such an important post in our State Department. He has never held a position that called for the complex management responsibilities of worldwide and domestic refugee programs. Moreover, his career is marked by controversial and caustic comments that reveal he does not have the disposition to guide this department’s work or coordinate its work with Congress.
  • Over the last sixteen months, the administration has engaged in a systematic effort to dismantle the United States Refugee Admissions Program and undermine the American tradition of protecting the persecuted. From the executive orders temporarily suspending the refugee program and banning travelers from predominantly Muslim nations, to slashing the annual refugee admissions target from 110,000 to 45,000 persons (and the reality that we are on pace to receive no more than 22,000), these policies reflect an abandonment of the ideals inscribed on the Statue of Liberty. Mr. Mortensen’s nomination further signals an erosion of the humanitarian pillars of U.S. foreign policy.
  • The Senate should act in a bipartisan manner to reject this nomination and send a message that our nation’s commitment to the safe legal and orderly admission of carefully-vetted refugees is still strong.

Mortensen in his own words, on US Senators:

John McCain

In 2014, he wrote an article which claims “McCain Rolls Out Welcome Mat for ISIS on America's Southern Border.” In it, Mortensen compares McCain’s “dogged support for illegal aliens and open borders” to collaboration with terrorist organizations.  He writes, “Should ISIS or some other terrorist group take advantage of McCain's welcome mat, he will only have himself to blame as he goes in the eyes of many from war hero to collaborator.”

Marco Rubio

Rubio Joins Another Gang

Of Sen. Marco Rubio, who sits on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Mortensen wrote that he is "either exceptionally gullible or just plain dishonest."

Bob Menendez

“It would be nice if Senator Menendez would show the same level of concern for the millions of American children who have their identities being used by illegal aliens and who are saddled with bad credit, arrest records, income tax liabilities and corrupted medical records with life-threatening consequences….Apparently, in the eyes of many of our senators and representatives, it is OK to sacrifice millions of American men, women, and children to identity theft so illegal aliens can obtain work in the United States and so they and their children can obtain health insurance” Sacrificing American Children for Illegal Alien Health Insurance

Jeff Flake

In a 2017 blog post Mortensen calls out Sen. Flake stating “In fact, it is clear that Flake wants illegal aliens who commit identity theft and other serious crimes that do real harm to their American victims to be able to stay in the United States when he says: ‘I don't think anybody wants to put her in the same class as aggravated felons who endanger public safety.’ Maybe Flake should provide his and his family's Social Security numbers to illegal aliens since he obviously doesn't think identity theft and Social Security fraud are serious crimes… Based on this interview, it is clear that Dickerson and Flake are illegal alien crime deniers and that they are complicit in creating a fake news narrative.”

Mortensen in his own words, on Religious Freedom/Religious Leaders:

Religious Leaders Love Their Neighbors – as Long as They Are Illegal Aliens:

Religious leaders routinely invoke the ‘love of neighbor’ to justify their unconditional support for illegal aliens. However, their love of neighbor appears to largely exclude American citizens, including American children, who are victimized by illegal aliens."

Illegal Immigration: A Culture of Corruption:

These spiritual leaders put the interests of illegal aliens ahead of the rule of law and the American men, women, and innocent children who are the victims of their crimes. This is not only corrupt; it is cruel to both the illegal aliens who learn that crime is acceptable in the eyes of the church and to American citizens who are the victims of their crimes."

In-State Tuition for Illegal Aliens -- Felonies and False Hopes:

Maybe the state's religious leaders could teach their illegal alien members that the commission of job-related crimes is not consistent with religious teachings or an honorable life. Bishops, priests and pastors could show true compassion by asking their flocks to cover the living and educational costs of all of their church members who are illegally in the United States so they wouldn't have to commit felonies and risk arrest in order to illegally get jobs."

What Do Amnesty Advocates Have Against Africans?

Is it because Africans are not part of the right ethnic group or race? Is it because people from Africa don't look like the people in the most rapidly expanding minority group in the United States? Is it because La Raza and LULAC see illegal immigration as a means of increasing their power and influence? Is it because Africa nations don't aggressively support illegal immigration in the same way that Mexico does? Is it because mainstream religious organizations, including the Catholic Church and the National Association of Evangelicals, believe that illegal aliens from Latin American will more readily join with them than will people from Africa? Or is it simply because the advocates for illegal aliens are racists who discriminate against the majority of the world's people?”