WHAT? We Are All America, along with refugee and immigrant leaders from the Opportunity For All Table, and other national partners is convening its first national refugee advocacy days during the August Recess while members of Congress are in districts visiting home states. Our advocacy week will build on momentum from the RCUSA May 2022 Advocacy Days. The goal of the event is to continue to:

  • Advocate for pro-refugee and asylum legislation, to hold the current Administration accountable in rebuilding and strengthening of the US Refugee Resettlement Program and asylum protections
  • To engage refugee and immigrant leaders and advocates in direct advocacy with members of Congress.

We are seeking former refugees and immigrants, national and local partners, new Americans, resettlement agencies, faith leaders, and other community advocates who support refugees to sign-up and participate. Sign up as a participant via the RSVP form by Friday, August 5th, 2022. Interested in sharing? Check out our social media toolkit HERE. 


WHEN? Legislative visits will be scheduled at any time between 9 AM-5 PM during the week of August 22nd through August 26th, 2022.

WHERE? Meetings will happen in person, in local congressional offices. Note: Some meetings may be virtual depending on office and availability.

WHY? To advocate for the rebuilding of the Refugee Resettlement Program and asylum protections. It is important for elected officials to hear from the former refugee and asylee voices that they represent, as our voices can influence their decisions in policy, which ultimately affects the needs of our communities. 

HOW? To participate in the National Refugee Advocacy Days, please register using this form. Once you have registered, you will receive an email follow-up from We Are All America to discuss the mandatory training sessions and additional information.

Participant Training: We will be hosting a mandatory Advocacy Prep Training for ALL participants. Please be sure to register to ONE of the following dates:

Optional Preparation Workshops: These are optional preparation workshops meant to best prepare you for Advocacy Days.