New Funding Will Support Russian-speaking Community Council’s Collaborative Efforts between Ukrainian Refugees and Russian Asylum Seekers working on Immigration Relief and Social Services Advocacy 

Package of support from national collaborative spotlights the organization’s local, national leadership in amplifying refugee voices

New York, NY - The Russian-speaking Community Council (RCC) is pleased to announce its selection to receive financial and technical support from We Are All America - Opportunity for All Table. This support will work to ensure that all residents of the New York area participate fully in the social, civic, and economic fabric of the community, including those who came as refugees.

Selected from a national, competitive process, RCC is one of three organizations that will be receiving $3,000 worth of coaching and technical assistance support valued at an additional $20,000. 

“Since the first invasion of Ukraine in 2014, RCC has built the only existing platform for anti-war collaboration between Ukrainians and Russians in America. With 100,000 expected Ukrainian refugees and tens of thousands of Russian asylum seekers, we must secure various forms of relief and services for these very underserved communities representing many ethnicities and faiths. We are truly thankful for We Are All America - Opportunity for All Table for the grant to cover some of our advocacy costs and for the technical support towards our efforts,” said Dr. Dmitri Daniel Glinski, President & CEO of RCC. 

“When we invest in refugee and immigrant leadership, we are investing in building generations of community leaders who can help us build a better future where we all belong. For us, investing in refugee and immigrant leadership means directly funding the efforts & initiatives being led by refugees and immigrants, and uplifting the work that is being done locally that promotes inclusive and diverse communities across the country,” said Basma Alawee, We Are All America Campaign Manager. 

As part of their package of support, RCC will be provided with technical assistance and a platform for sharing their work nationally from a consortium of organizations that also includes Refugee Advocacy Lab, Refugee Congress, Refugees International, National Partnership for New Americans, International Refugee Assistance Project, Church World Service and International Rescue Committee.

RCC will also receive membership and coaching support from Welcoming America, a national nonprofit organization that works to support communities by building a welcoming society where every person, including immigrants, can fully contribute and shape our shared prosperity. 

"We are pleased to elevate and support the important work of the Russian-speaking Community Council and help other organizations learn from their efforts to enable the voices of refugees and immigrants to shape community decisions. We hope others will join us by ensuring resources are invested in this next generation of community leaders, so that everyone can belong and thrive in the place we call home, no matter where we come from,” said Rachel Perić, Executive Director of Welcoming America.

The support is part of a broader focus on the vital role played by Ethnic Community-Based Organizations (ECBOs), a term used to refer to organizations with strong ties and leadership in refugee and immigrant communities. ECBOs play a vital role in strengthening trust, participation, and access for residents frequently excluded from community decision-making processes and service provision. As a result, ECBOs and their capacity are foundational to the infrastructure for communities to be welcoming places for all. 


About RCC: 

Russian-speaking Community Council is an interfaith and interethnic advocacy and organizing non-profit founded in 2011. We are serving primarily refugees, asylees, and political exiles from former Soviet countries who are native speakers of Russian and other languages of the region We help our communities to integrate successfully into American civil society and promote interfaith, interracial and intersectional collaboration. Through our local, national, and international projects we raise awareness of the struggle for human rights and justice in our native countries and of its relevance for the outside world.  

About We Are All America: 

We Are All America (WAAA) is a Campaign led by refugee and immigrant grassroots organizations housed at the National Partnership for New Americans (NPNA), who work to uphold and strengthen our nation’s commitment to welcome and protect those seeking refuge in the United States. Our work is organized around three core pillars: Promoting inclusive state and local policies; Strengthening our federal protection systems; and, at our core, Opportunity for All, which centers the leadership of refugee & immigrant organizers.