Opportunity For All Table

Throughout 2021, the Opportunity for All (OFA) Campaign provided many opportunities for refugee and immigrant leaders. With its great success, we are excited to launch a permanent and formal table, the Opportunity for All Table. 

Through the Opportunity for All Table, local leaders can contribute to the decision-making process in the We Are All America National Network. Did you miss our Opportunity for All Table launch? No worries! You can still watch the Opportunity for All Table Launch Party Livestream on Facebook. Feel free to leave any questions in the comment section & will follow up!

How you can join or support the OFA Table: 

  • Join the table by becoming an individual member. There is no cost. Fill out the membership form application HERE
  • If your organization would like to endorse and support the table, sign on to the endorsement form.  

Additional opportunities and resources for refugee and immigrant leaders and organizations: 

  • Sign up for our leadership development workshops. Open to all. To register, click HERE. 


We Are All America (WAAA) is a Campaign led by refugee and immigrant grassroots organizations housed at the National Partnership for New Americans (NPNA) in partnership with Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights (CHIRLA), United Oregon, Welcoming America, Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition (TIRRC), Refugee Congress (RC), Church World Service (CWS), International Rescue Committee, Human Rights First, Refugee Advocacy Lab, Florida Immigrant Rights Coalition, Refugee Council USA, Alianza Americas and International Rescue Committee who work to uphold and strengthen our nation’s commitment to welcome and protect those seeking refuge in the United States. Our work is organized around three core pillars: Promoting inclusive state and local policies; Strengthening our federal protection systems; and, at our core, Opportunity for All, which centers the leadership of refugee & immigrant organizers.

About the Table:

The Opportunity for All (OFA) Table is the national leadership table that oversees and ensures the success of WAAA’s core pillars. Led by diverse refugees and immigrants, OFA is designed to ensure representation and inclusivity of those with lived experience, and to shift the narrative of refugees and immigrants to one that reflects their contributions and lived experience.

In order to show the resilience, strength, contributions, and innovation that refugees and immigrants bring, we must continue to build the infrastructure for refugee and immigrant power. 

The Opportunity for All Table empowers local leaders to be part of a collective effort at the forefront of refugee and immigrant movements. By being part of this table, refugee and immigrant leaders are able to: 

  • Engage in the decision-making table across We Are All America’s national network, with a long-lasting positive impact on the livelihood and well-being of refugees and immigrants.
  • Take part in an intersectional community that brings diversity, representation, and cultural inclusion.
  • Connect with diaspora communities in a global conversation..
  • Participate in a space that focuses on healing, wellness, celebrating our community wins and connecting like-minded individuals. 
  • Receive leadership development, mentorship, public speaking opportunities, & technical assistance for projects and initiatives. 

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About our Executive Committee:

The OFA Executive Committee serves a variety of critical roles in supporting advocacy and organizing efforts for the Opportunity for All Table. They are recognized as refugee and immigrant leaders who are committed to the coordination, collaboration, and expansion of the Opportunity for All Table, and responsible for:

  • Setting the vision and framework for collective action for the Opportunity For All Table.
  • Providing guidance for operations and decision-making. 
  • Supporting and responding to the recruitment of emerging refugee leaders.


Our Executive Committee members include: 

  • CHAIR: Nejra Sumic, National Field Manager at We Are All America (WAAA)
  • CO-CHAIR: Kosar Kosar, Multicultural Organizer at Tennessee Immigrant & Refugee Rights (TIRRC) 
  • SECRETARY: Andrés Bautista, Digital Organizer at We Are All America (WAAA)
  • TREASURER: Basma Alawee, National Campaign Manager at We Are All America (WAAA)
  • MEMBERSHIP COORDINATOR: Ali Aljundi, Membership Engagement and Leadership Development Manager at Refugee Congress
  • Nili Yossinger, Executive Director at Refugee Congress 
  • Adamou Mohamed, Associate Director of Grassroots Organizing at Church World Service (CWS) 
  • Anahita Panahi, Refugee Campaign Manager at Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights (CHIRLA) 
  • Myrna Orozco-Gallos, Organizing Coordinator at Church World Service (CWS)



We Are All America is pleased to announce the finalists of the Ethnic-Community Based Grant: the Louisiana Organization for Refugees and Immigrants (LORI), Russian-speaking Community Council (RCC), and the African Community Institute. All three finalists were selected from a national, competitive process and will receive $3,000 worth of coaching and technical assistance support valued at an additional $20,000. This initiative is rooted in the increased need to center and uplift the work being led by refugees for their local communities. To learn more about the Ethnic-Community Based Grant please view our official press release


  • International Refugee Assistance Project

  • Welcoming America

  • Middle Eastern Immigrant and Refugee Alliance

  • Community Sponsorship Hub

  • Refugee Congress

  • The Refugee Advocacy Lab

  • MASA Fund/MASA Action Fund

  • Florida Immigrant Coalition (FLIC)

  • National Partnership for New Americans (NPNA)

  • Their Story is Our Story

  • Power Up People

  • Church World Service

  • Refugee Council USA

  • Upwardly Global

  • International Rescue Committee

  • Louisiana Organization for Refugees & Immigrants  (LORI)

  • Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights (CHIRLA)

  • Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition (TIRRC)

  • Virginia's Immigrant Voices

  • National Asian American PAC FL

  • USAHello

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  • Partnerships for Trauma Recovery

  • Afghans Building Alliances for Humanitarian Development

  • International Rescue Committee

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