September 20, 2018 at 7:00pm - 8:30pm

From Africa to the West

Event will examine the current scope and potential solutions to the refugee crisis within the African refugee and migration context. While the western media tends to focus on the Syrian refugee crisis, the African refugee and migration context is potentially even more complex. People flee from war, terror, poverty, political terror, drought, state failure, and a host of other reasons. Many hope to find a new life in Europe, but, with each passing day the door closes with more force. The road through Libya is perilous. The journey over the Mediteranean Sea is terrifying. Europe, and especially Italy, seem determined to slam the door. This event will examine these issues-- and the hope that refugees inspire in a greater future. Panelists feature research, advocacy, and entrepreneurial spirit, including:

  • Izza Lehtas: Senior Advocate, Refugees International
  • Lual Mayen: Founder and Video Game Developer, Junub Games
  • Manyang Reath: Founder of Helping Sudan Project and 734 Coffee

Sponsored By: Human Rights First, Veterans for American Ideals, Global Center for Refugee Education and Science, One Journey

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