Where Are the Refugees?

Hold the Administration Accountable and Take Action Now!

We live in a time with an unprecedented 68.5 million people displaced around the world, including 25.4 million refugees - the largest number in recorded history. With global need at its highest, the Trump Administration has reversed our nation’s leadership in refugee protection, setting an all-time low refugee admissions goal for fiscal year 2019 at just 30,000. This is a drastic departure from our average annual admissions goal of 95,000. 

Last year, the administration failed to meet even half of their then-historically-low goal of 45,000. And the Administration is again on track to miss their own dismal refugee resettlement numbers. This amounts to a broken promise to tens of thousands of refugees who face the most rigorous security vetting and medical screening process of any traveler to the United States. Resettlement is reserved only for refugees who cannot return to their home countries or rebuild their lives in the country where they first fled.

While families remain separated and refugees wait - at times in very unsafe conditions - the administration continues to dismantle the refugee resettlement program.

From March 25-29, 2019, join We Are All America, Refugee Council USA and our partners for a week of action, demanding the Administration answer the question, "Where Are the Refugees?"


Top 4 Ways to Take Action

  • Hold or participate in a #WhereRtheRefugees event near you
  • Activate a state or local political champion
  • Publish an op-ed
  • Participate in National Call-In Day March 27 and Social Media Actions All Week!

Tools for Organizing:

  1. Shared #WhereRtheRefugees Folder for Organizing Tools
  2. Refugee Council USA’s Recess Toolkit (use visits to tee up March actions)
  3. Town Hall Project - Find Your Congressperson In-District!
  4. Local resettlement numbers State-By-State


Designed by high school students in Jacksonville, Florida

WhereRtheRefugees Shirts

If refugees are not allowed in our country, where are they?
Are they hungry, homeless, hurt or worse?
Are they trapped in refugee camps, in political prison or dead in a mass grave?
If refugees are not here, then where?
The US could have saved 23,000 lives* in 2018.
We chose not to. Why?
If the US does not care, who will?
If we do not care, who will?
If you do not care, who will?
We can do this, if we care enough.
You can do this, if you care enough.
Where are our refugees?"

 - A message from the youth

*Historically, we have let in 85,000 refugees. Last year that number was only 22,000 (out of a goal of 45,000) -- and this year it’s even less.

Hello, my name is Molly Paris and I am a high school senior. Go class of 2019! I have been interning with the Florida Immigrant Coalition and We Are All America since the summer of 2018. I have been inspired to work with these organizations mostly through getting to know my 7th grade teacher, Basma Alawee, a former refugee from Iraq. I also have friends at school who are refugees. I often wonder how different their lives would be if they were one of the 23,000 that were left to suffer in refugee camps around the world last year. Would they be hungry, trafficked, uneducated, raped, beaten, or lying in a mass grave instead of walking in graduation along side me and hearing their name called out to receive their diploma? Instead of throwing their caps in the air, would they be throwing themselves under a table to escape the rubble of another bombing?  Please join me and my good friend Kyle Love, t-shirt designer extraordinaire and ASL major, to bring awareness of the plight of our future refugee friends, classmates and neighbors and give them the chance to walk at graduation, receive their diploma and throw a cap in the air.

You can help bring awareness by buying our #WhereRtheRefugees shirts designed by Kyle. The profit from the sale goes directly to bring awareness of the low number of refugees being allowed in to ours and other countries. You can also help by taking a selfie in your shirt and posting it online. It starts with us, then your community, country and then the world.

UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency - Figures at a Glance