June 20, 2020 at 12:01am - June 21, 2020

Share a Post for Refugees on World Refugee Day

Given our current circumstances, we saw an opportunity to gather as a group to bring awareness and celebrate refugees together here online.

To attend this event, all you have to do is share a picture with a caption answering the questions below or share a video answering the questions June 20th.
Some of the hashtags to use include, #resettlement #refugees #WRD2020

Question to participate in;
Why do you choose to celebrate refugees on world refugee day June 20?
What is something you would like the world to know about Refugees?
What has our current situation in the world taught you about being a responsible caring human being for others, particularly those not like you?
What is your favorite food from a different culture or country?


link to event;



300 Monroe Ave NW
Grand Rapids , MI 49548
United States
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