About We Are All America


We Are All America works to uphold and strengthen our nation’s commitment to welcome and protect those seeking freedom, safety and refuge in the United States. We organize people across religious and cultural differences to build inclusive communities where we all belong.

We Are All America works to:

  • Welcome refugees
  • Protect asylum seekers
  • Advocate for Temporary Protected Status (TPS) recipients
  • Keep families together
  • Support newcomers of all faiths and countries of origin
  • Build inclusive communities
  • Advance opportunity for newcomers
  • Uplift the experiences and leadership of those most impacted
  • Organize supporters to take action

Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me:
I lift my lamp beside the golden door.”

Emma Lazarus


We Are All America welcomes refugees

Right now—during the worst international refugee crisis in modern history—our life-saving refugee resettlement program faces unprecedented political pushback. The Trump Administration halted all refugee resettlement for four months, and then reduced U.S. refugee admissions from 110,000 to 45,000, the lowest it has been in nearly four decades. At the same time, the Administration erected new barriers to refugee admission, demonizing refugees as a security threat. We Are All America affirms our historical role as a refugee protection leader and works to build broad public support for those seeking freedom and safety in the US.

  • Hold the Administration accountable for resettling at least the 45,000 refugees it committed to receiving in 2018
  • Return US refugee resettlement to its historical average of at least 85,000 refugees per year
  • Demonstrate public support for refugee resettlement and opposition to policies preventing refugees from coming to the United States
  • Reclaim traditional bipartisan support for refugees and refugee resettlement

We Are All America pledges to protect asylum seekers

Individuals who flee to the United States and apply for asylum have survived unimaginable conditions, including torture, murder of family members, and religious and political persecution. They are not afforded legal representation, and are left to navigate our complex immigration laws alone, often facing insurmountable language and cultural barriers without social support. Those who request protection at our borders are sent to immigration jails for many months regardless of age.  In an attempt to deter others from seeking this country’s protection, Central American and other families are sent to detention facilities. Some families have been separated, further traumatizing children. Some people seeking asylum are deported without having their claims heard, forcing them to return to countries where they may be tortured, jailed or even killed.

We Are All America pledges to support protections and due process for asylum seekers.

  • Stop incarcerating asylum seekers and implement actual cost-effective alternatives to detention
  • Ensure due process for asylum seekers
  • Demonstrate public support for asylum and opposition to policies blocking access to asylum  
  • Increase bipartisan support for asylum   

We Are All America advocates for Temporary Protected Status (TPS) recipients

Hundreds of thousands of people are living in the US with Temporary Protected Status, TPS, which was provided to them when something catastrophic—like war, famine or a natural disaster—happened in their home country and prevented their safe return. Many have been here for decades and have deep roots in the United States. They have raised US-born children, built businesses, bought homes, and become valued community members.

  • Provide a pathway for current and past TPS recipients to the United States to legally remain, with an eventual path to citizenship

We Are All America supports keeping families together

Our immigration policies should focus on supporting whole, thriving families, ensuring refugees and asylees begin their new lives in the United States with their loved ones. We support and offer our solidarity to DREAMers and other immigrants struggling to keep their families intact. We Are All America promotes policies that remove barriers to family unification for all immigrant families.

  • Advocate for reuniting refugees, asylees and TPS recipients with their families in the United States
  • Support DREAMers and the immigrant rights movement in their advocacy and organizing

We Are All America supports all newcomers regardless of religion, race or country of origin

As a nation with diverse faith and cultural traditions, we honor difference and work to foster understanding between people. Our immigration, asylum and refugee resettlement policies must not discriminate against or favor any religious or ethnic group over another. We Are All America believes that all journeys of migration are unique and should be equally valued.

  • End travel, immigration and refugee resettlement bans that target Muslims or single out newcomers based on their race, religion, ethnicity, or country of origin

We Are All America builds inclusive communities

Refugees deserve to live in an America free from harassment, hate and fear. Our many faith traditions and our democratic values call us to create communities of welcome, where the contributions of newcomers are recognized and celebrated. Together, We Are All America will ensure our newest neighbors live, work and thrive in supportive, welcoming communities.

  • Defeat restrictive, anti‐refugee and anti-asylum policies at the local, state, and national levels
  • Respond to incidents of hate and harassment targeting refugees, Muslims, and other communities
  • Advocate for policies and practices that create more inclusive cities and states for refugees, asylees and TPS recipients

We Are All America advances opportunity for newcomers

Our history informs us that a new American’s potential or future is not determined by level of education, wealth, or language spoken at point of entry. Refugees carry an entrepreneurial spirit, a determination to contribute and a drive to create a better life for their families. We Are All America advocates for policies that advance opportunity for refugees and support their successful integration.

  • Fund programs that demonstrate measurable and successful models of refugee integration at the local, state and national levels

We Are All America uplifts the experiences and leadership of those most impacted

  • Center and develop the leadership and civic engagement of immigrants, refugees, asylees and TPS recipients in our work
  • Empower newcomers to take action on their own behalf
  • Highlight and amplify the powerful stories of those who have come to the United States seeking freedom, safety and refuge

We Are All America organizes supporters of newcomers to take action

  • Engage individuals, organizations, coalitions, faith groups and others in taking action at the grassroots to stand for welcome